Molecular Biology Laboratory 


The newly remodelled FIIRO Molecular Biology Laboratory is strategically positioned to offer world class molecular biology research and training services to the teeming Nigerian researchers and scientists. Our fully prepared and trained molecular biology team is ready to offer premium and top-notch molecular biology services to advance research in FIIRO as well as other internal and external clients.

Our services include but not limited to:

   - Molecular Characterization of Microorganisms.
   - DNA/RNA with cDNA Synthesis/Protein Extraction
   - Quantification and Purity Assessment of Nucleic Acids
   - Amplification of Target DNA Sequences.
   - Mutation/Polymorphism Detection
   - Protein Characterization and Profiling. 
  •           a. Total Protein Profiling. 
  •           b. Protein Characterisation.
  •           c.  Identification of Specific Proteins.
   - Molecular Weight Determination for Specific Proteins.