Industrial & Linkage Division


The Industrial Linkage division was set up to fulfill the Institute’s vision of commercialization through entrepreneurial skills and industrial linkage.  It is the link between FIIRO and other relevant stakeholders (government agencies, organized private sector, financial institutions and international agencies and non-governmental organizations) for commercialization of FIIRO developed R&D results and innovative activities for the purpose of generating spin-offs and spin out companies.  The division fosters inter-agency cooperation, collaborative R&D funding.


  • To promote FIIRO-industry linkage and exchange programmes.
  • To facilitate rapid commercialization of the institute’s R&D results through market-driven R&D projects originating from the industries.
  • To effectively disseminate R&D results to appropriate end user industries.
  • To organize regular industrial visits to the industries
  • Provide ready financial resources for the institute to upgrade its R&D facilities as supplement to government funding.


Industrial linkages division has the following functions:

  1. Coordinate all the activities that relates to industries in the Institute.
  2. Disseminate strategic information on R&D results of the Institute to user industries.
  3. Relate with industries, trade associations (such as Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, National Association of Small Scale Industrialists, National Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs etc.), to facilitate effective commercialization of R&D results
  4. Tarry out needs assessment survey of industries.
  5. Organize and facilitate industrial visits by the institute to industries and industries to the institute with a view to promoting effective partnership/collaboration and to market the institute’s services and programs.
  6. Initiate contract and sponsored researches with industries.
  7. Coordinate and promote FIIRO-Industry exchange programs.
  8. Organize lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia etc. in disseminating new technological development to industries.
  9. Effectively disseminate R&D results to end user industries, represents and make relevant presentations on behalf of the institute upon invitation by its various stakeholders.
  10. Continuously develop and implement strategies that will reduce paper responses to enquiries through interactive, friendly and informative auto response system, “frequently asked questions” and to answer enquiries on the institute’s activities.