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A. How do I select services/products and pay?

  1. Browse each of the available items by clicking their title links
  2. On the description page of each item, click Add to cart button
  3. When you are done with your items selection, click View Cart link any where it is available on the site
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout button
  5. Register as a Customer on the site with your personal & billing information
  6. Select the Debit/Credit card payment type
  7. Accept our Terms & Conditions by clicking on the terms & conditions checkbox on the customer registration page
  8. Click Place Order button
  9. The site redirects you to Remita epayment platform
  10. Make your payment on the Remita epayment platform by;
    • On Pay Now with Cards or Wallets section of the Remita page, under Nigeria Local Cards segment, select any of the card options (VISA, VERVE or MasterCard)
  11. On the window that pops up, click Proceed button. Wait for the Remita epayment platform to process your payment and redirects you back to our Order Completed confirmation page
  12. Make sure your payment is confirmed successfully before leaving the portal
  13. Print your payment confirmation page as an on-the-spot evidence of payment

NB: Email notifications are sent at the end of every successful payment.

B. Can I select or pay for more than one service at a time?

Yes, browse through and select as many products, books or services as you deem fit by clicking Add to cart button on individual services or items of your interest. Then proceed to step A(3) above and go from there to paying for the services and/or items you selected to be paid for.