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You are welcome to FIIRO e-commerce web services.

Our e-commerce platform is one that allows our estemmed customers to access our services such as trainings, industrial research profiles, etc. Customers have the options of choosing out of our numerous services and paying for choosed services effortlessly from the comfort of their homes without hassles.

Your online payments can be made using your Debit/Credit Card on our provider’s e-payment channel after services and goods have been added to your Shopping Cart

We runĀ  24/7 online sales support operations and customer service.

Feel free to shop on our platform with ease.

From FIIRO Management.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. can I personally bring water samples to your lab for testing of specified trace elements? pls let me know how much it would cost me in your reply if yes.

  2. Good Day, i just place an order in my profile using remita and the transaction didn’t complete in the dashboard but i recived an email from remita and bank sms alert with deduction confirming that the tansaction was successful.

    Please help?

    1. Dear Hamid,

      Sorry for getting back late at you. Please are you still having issues getting your order completed and access given? If yes, kindly send us your remita RRR number for reviewing and possible completion of your order.

      Warm regards,
      Web Master,

  3. please, how can i choose a date for your upcoming laundry soap training for the month of July?
    assist please.

    1. Dear samue,
      Top of the day to you sir and thank you for your enquiry on wheat flour production. However, we currently do not run training for wheat bread production. In addition to training we offer on cassava flour production, we also offer training on bread and confectionary baking (including soy snacks).
      Please follow the link to our events page on FIIRO official website to view dates and details of our trainings.

      Kind Regards

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